Facebook Floating Video in Testing Phase

Facebook Floating Videos Allows You to Watch and Scroll at the Same Time

This feature is in testing phase and Facebook has yet to decide whether it will roll out this feature for all users or not.

In an effort to enhance the user experience and compete with YouTube, the social media giant is testing a new feature that will pop out the video users wants to watch, while allowing them to check their News Feed at the same time.

There is a separate button added in videos. By pressing the button, videos will move towards the lower left of the screen, thus allowing you to scroll freely.

The video can be dragged to any place on the screen, and you can also like or share it. One drawback of this feature is that it works only when you remain on the same page and just scroll up or down. The video will stop immediately after you open a new page. Also, the current video will automatically pause the minute you click on any other video.

Facebook is trying hard to compete with YouTube for quite some time now. That is why it has been putting a great deal of focus on videos lately and making some bold decisions, the biggest of them being sharing of ad revenues with video creators.


Image Courtesy: techinvestornews.com