Facebook Messenger video calling feature

Facebook Integrates Video Calling Feature into its Messenger App

Facebook has launched a new video calling feature for its messenger app that even works with low-bandwidth networks.

Facebook already is one of the most popular social networking platforms available, but Mark Zuckerberg isn’t looking to settle on that. He is branching out in almost all related businesses. Now, he has turned his attention to video calling, a feature which has been made available on Facebook Messenger app as of today.

Currently, this territory has been ruled by Microsoft’s Skype, Apple’s FaceTime and Google’s Hangout. Now, Facebook has joined in on the action as well and with its popularity, it wouldn’t be too hard for its video calling feature to gain its footing.

Video calling has been made a whole lot easier on Facebook Messenger app as you can just tap on the person you’re chatting with and a call will be made. You can then switch to back or front camera as you see fit, or you can turn the camera off to turn it into a voice call only. The choice is completely in your hands.

Video calls often suffer from constant stuttering, but Facebook assures that it won’t happen too much on its app as it is structured to work with even low-bandwidth networks.

There are millions of users of Facebook Messenger app, and with the addition of video calling feature, you can expect this number to go even higher by quite some margin.


Image Courtesy: gizmodo.com

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