Facebook 2G Tuesdays give Employees feel of Slow Internet

Facebook Introduces 2G Tuesdays for its Employees

This practice will allow employees to experience and understand the problems that users with slow internet have to face on regular basis.

Not a lot of people have access to the fast internet and therefore they have to make do with they’ve got. Facebook realizes that and it wants its employees to understand the agony of slow internet as well by introducing 2G Tuesdays.

This initiative urges the employees to spend a day using 2G only. This will allow people at Facebook to understand what problems people with slow internet face on daily basis, and then they can put an effort to fix those issues.

One of the spokespersons for Facebook explained the reasons for 2G Tuesdays in an email to TechCrunch.

“People are coming online at a staggering rate in emerging markets and, in most cases, are doing so on mobile via 2G connections. But on the lower end of 2G networks, it can take about two minutes to download a webpage. We need to understand how people use Facebook in different internet connections in all parts of the world so we can build the best experience for them.”

With more than 1.4 billion monthly users, there’s no questioning the fact that Facebook is indeed the most popular social networking platform, and now it looks like it wants to maintain this level of interest by catering to people who can’t afford or don’t have access to faster internet speeds.


Image Courtesy: time.com

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