Facebook Introduces Graph Search : A Social Search Engine for Facebook

Facebook Today Announces the launch of its new Feature Facebook Graph Search, a new intelligent search engine by Facebook. Unlike other search engines like Google and Bing which indexes our pages , Facebook Graph Search on the other end is an answer to our social network based search. That is , this Facebook Graph Search helps you to find places, people and things—and explore and experience facebook in a whole new way.

Facebook introduces its new search engine graph search

Facebook Graph Search is just like a search engine for all your social graph history from the time you joined the facebook. This includes easily finding anything shared with you on facebook such as photo’s , statuses or any contents , including the contents set to as public. So basically this search shows different results for different person’s. But the best part is your privacy settings can only determine what other person can search about you.

What All Can you search using Facebook Graph Search ?

So here are some of the things that you can search with this new feature “Facebook Graph search“:



facebook graph search: searching people
This feature helps you to find or search out people you are looking for easily on the basis of the things they have shared with you. Such as their profile info and interests. This search will be helpful if you are going to start a group in which you want to add a certain people who fall into the same category.

For example if you are looking for a person who like the same activity that you like such as if you search for  “people who like cycling” you will be shown all the list of people that you are conected with and like cycling. This search can even be made more specific like “people who like cycling and are from New York” this will show only people interested in cycling and are from New York.


find a particular photo on facebook using facebook graph search

Now if you are looking for a particular photo that you or your friends have posted or have been tagged in Facebook, you can easily search for it in Facebook Graph search without having to go through all the photo’s of your friends album or scrolling through your timeline to find the photos.
you can simply specify your phrases in the graph search for your photo search for example “Photos my friends took in New York City” , this will show you the photo’s of all your friends in New York city.


Find placeaass that you have been tagged in or have went
Another remarkable feature in the facebook Graph Search is to discover things like Music , restaurant or any places you or your friends have been to. With this feature you can easily discover new places to hangout , eat and new brands that you could listen to all from the people you know.
If you search for “restaurant in New York that my friends have been to” then search results will show you the same.  Or if you search for “Music my friends like” then it will show you list of all the music liked by your friends.
This new feature of Graph Search will save a lot of your time on facebook wasted for manually searching. Currently this is only available for US user’s for testing. But people from other countries can also test this feature during its beta Period by joining the waiting list. Once you apply to Join Waiting list or Sign up for Graph Search, then facebook will contact you as soon as vacancies are available.

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