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Facebook Introduces Riff, A Short Video App Designed For Networking

The 20-second video app is expected to give both Snapchat and Vine a run for their money.

The popularity of Vine and Snapchat has increased a lot particularly in the previous year. This sudden rise in popularity was largely due to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge which just took over the world. Sensing the increase in fame, Facebook started to work on its own limited video app and named it Riff.

The latest offering by the social media giant allows you to make videos of up to 20 seconds, and goes beyond what the previously available apps had to offer. It introduces tags that will create a conversation style window. Everyone who then makes a video using the same tag will show up in it.

For example, a person did an ice bucket challenge, made a video of it using Riff and uploaded it to Facebook with the tag #icebucketchallenge. Now every one of his/her friends will get notification of the new video and then they can join in on the action by making their own video and uploading it with the same tags.

Ice Bucket Challenge was fun but it was scattered all over the place just because no other app is offering such kind of tags that create a separate window for a specific tag altogether. Just imagine all the ice bucket challenge videos available to you in one long window. It would have been quite convenient.

Riff has been brought to life by Facebook’s Creative Labs team which was also responsible for working on other major apps such as Facebook Rooms, Facebook Groups, Facebook Paper and more. Product manager of Creative Labs, Josh Miller explains why adding a video feature to Facebook was necessary for a complete networking experience.

“My friends typically mostly post photos to Facebook, and text, and links, but I rarely see them post videos, and overnight every single person posted about the same thing, and they were all videos. We loved how for the first time it felt like you were making something with your friends, not just sharing at them.”

We have tried out Riff and it’s working quite well. However, you don’t have to take our word for it as you can give Riff a try on your own as it is available now for both iOS and Android devices for free.


Image Courtesy: thenextweb.com

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