Facebook testing Local Market buying and selling feature

Facebook is Testing “Local Market”, a Buying and Selling Feature

The social networking giant confirmed the feature, but refrained from commenting any further.

Facebook is reportedly testing a new feature aimed at creating a dedicated buying and selling platform that shows results from Facebook local sales groups. Several users of iPhone app for Facebook have reported the addition of a “Local Market” button in place of the Messenger button.

A quick click showed “Buy” and “Sell” option for products which were falling under different categories such as cars, furniture, clothing, books, etc. The sellers were also given the option to add the price details and pictures of their products in order to attract more people.

The feature remained active in limited number of countries, including Auckland, New Zealand, Melbourne, and Sydney for no more than two hours, after which it was taken off.

Facebook’s salesperson declined to talk about the feature in detail saying that “We are in the very early stages of testing new ways for more people to easily discover, buy, and sell items with other people on Facebook.”

Facebook’s “Local Market” is being compared to the likes of Craigslist and other buying and selling platforms, and is expected to give the seasoned competitors a real run for their money once launched.


Image Courtesy: techcrunch.com

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