Revamped Facebook Notification Tab Coming to the US

Facebook Launches Revamped Notification Tab for iOS and Android

The social media giant is releasing an update to add the feature, but it will be limited to the U.S users at the moment.

Facebook has come up with an expanded and personalized notification tab for users of its flagship iOS and Android apps. Once the update is live, the U.S-based users will be able to see dedicated cards in the notification bar.

In addition to the “traditional” notifications about likes, posts, comments and shares, the update will allow you to get access to the following information:

  • Friends’ birthdays and other important events
  • Local news that is gaining attention in your city
  • Weather forecasts for your city
  • Movies displayed on your nearby cinemas
  • Restaurants located near your place alongside their Facebook pages and reviews
  • Upcoming events taking place at your local area
  • Sports scores of your favorite teams based on the pages you have liked

You can control the amount of info you want to see in each card pressing the arrow present on top right corner of each card. There is also an “Add More Cards” button present at the bottom of the tab.

The feature is gradually making its way to the Android and iOS devices in the United States.


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