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Facebook Live Videos Can Now be Streamed for Four Hours

Facebook live broadcast feature turned out to be an instant hit and seeing how popular it has become, the tech giant has decided to improve it even more.

First thing they have changed is the time limit. Previously, live broadcast only lasted for two hours, but now Facebook has extended the time limit to four hours. This obviously is a huge change and will be appreciated by a lot of people.

That’s not all though as the tech giant has also introduced a “video-only” feature for live broadcasts. This feature enables users to watch every live stream in full screen without the comment section. This is another big change because not a lot of people were a fan of reading comments as they just wanted to enjoy the broadcast.

The full screen feature on iOS can be viewed in landscape or portrait. However, the users on Android will have to settle with portrait view only as of now. Facebook assures that it will release the landscape support for Android devices somewhere down the line, but as of now, it is only coming to iOS.


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