Facebook Instant Ads are Here

Facebook Looking to Make Even More Money through Instant Ads

These ads will not interrupt your experience in any way.

In our daily routine on Facebook, we come across different sponsored links that are urging us to visit their websites. But more often than not, we don’t want our social experience interrupted and ignore those links.

Knowing that, Facebook has come up with a new way to advertise, and its calling it Instant Ads. These ads will show up on your mobile phone and when tapped, they will provide you with a clearer picture of what the ad is all about without needing to leave the Facebook app.

These ads can support animations, product catalogues, tilt to view pictures, and carousels. Now it may seem that these ads will take quite a bit of time to load, but that’s not the case as they load up pretty quickly.

However, if you encounter any problem while opening these ads, you can just tap on “X” to close the ad, and then continue your Facebook experience.


Image Courtesy: techcrunch.com

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