Facebook and Messenger

Facebook Messenger Chats to Become More Secure

Facebook Messenger is not the safest of places to chat and the people behind it have finally realized that. They are currently working on some new features that will make Messenger conversations a whole lot securer.

One feature that has been getting a lot of attention is called self-destructing messages, and it will function exactly as it sounds. As soon as these messages are read by the person on the other end, they will be deleted automatically. Other than that, Facebook is working on encrypted chats which will help keep all the conversations secret, so much so that even Facebook itself won’t be able to read them.

Both of these features are currently in testing phase and have been handed out to a small set of users. After small tweaks and fixes, Facebook will make these features available worldwide, so that people all over the world can enjoy their chats without the fear of their privacy being invaded.

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