Facebook Other Inbox folder Replaced with Message Requests

Facebook removes Other Inbox, Replaces it with “Message Requests”

The update has begun rolling out for Messenger app.

Facebook has replaced the dysfunctional “Other” message folder with the “Message Requests” folder in its Messenger app to increase the visibility of messages sent by those people who are not friends with you on Facebook.

From now onwards, any person who knows your name can contact you on Facebook. If you want to take the conversation to the next level, then you may accept the message request by pressing the reply button, otherwise you can just ignore the message and even block the person from contacting you again. One of the best things about the feature is that the sender will never know if you even read their message or not.

Message Requests is a great way of communicating with business partners, contractors and other people whom you may want to temporarily remain in touch with without adding them to your friend list.

The feature started rolling out globally from yesterday.


Image Courtesy: buzzfeed.com

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