facebook messenger to allow users to send mapped locations

Facebook Messenger Now Allows Location Sharing Through Maps

You will be able to share your locations and set meet-ups with the help of maps update.

Facebook Messenger always had the option that allowed you to see the location of the person you are chatting with. Now, Facebook is looking to improve this feature even more by adding a few new options.

An update is in works for Facebook Messenger that will allow you to share your location as a single message, and you will also be able to share meeting spots with your friends. You just have to select a location on the map and then send it to your friends as a message, telling them the time you want to meet at. They will be able to see the location of the meeting spot on the map.

Once the update has been downloaded, the previous location feature will be completely replaced by the new one.

As soon as this new update was announced, people started to worry about their privacy. However, Facebook has assured that despite some new changes in Messenger, they won’t be making any changes to the permissions. Explaining it further, the tech giant wrote on its official blog that:

“Messenger does not get location information from your device in the background – only each time you select a location and tap Send when you use the Messenger app.”

There’s no fixed date provided for the release of update just yet but we’re expecting it to arrive in the upcoming days.


Image Courtesy: lifehacker.com

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