Web version of Facebook messenger released

Facebook Mobile Messenger App Makes Its Way to Windows

The popular stand-alone messenger tool is initially available in English language only, though support for other languages is expected to arrive soon.

Facebook has launched a Web version of its messenger app to extend the service to Windows users. Users can now chat from a browser tab, provided they already have a Facebook account of course.

The service, which provides users with an opportunity to chat while staying clear of other distractions, can be accessed at Messenger.com.

A simple and user-friendly interface of the tool promises to keep users feel right at home. The left side of this messenger app is dedicated to the threads, while there is a huge chat window on the right side. Users can turn on its notification feature in order to get notified of any message immediately after it is received.

This new initiative can be a step to make this app a form of social network of its own with distinguishing features.

Facebook has been making improvements in this app for the last 12 months. The Facebook Mobile Messenger app was previously limited to smartphones and tablets.

As per Facebook’s records, roughly 600 million people use this app every month, with the numbers increasing day by day.


Image Courtesy: techypcapps.com

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