Facebook Introducing Notify App

Facebook News App “Notify” to Debut Next Week – Report

The app will send notifications to the users whenever the media organizations they are subscribed to breaks any news.

According to The Financial Times, Facebook’s first standalone news app Notify is finally ready for a release in the coming week. The app lets you subscribe to different news organizations so that you can get notifications whenever any of them breaks any news. Along with the notification will be a unique link to the official website of the participating publishers so that you can also read the whole story.

The social media giant has reportedly partnered with some of the biggest names in the media industry, including Mashable, CNN, CBS, Vogue and The Washington Post to make sure its users get latest news from all over the world.

It is reported that there will also be a sharing button in the app in case you want to share the news on your Facebook Timeline.

Facebook’s Notify will directly compete with Twitter’s Moments, a feature that lets mobile users get access to news content in real-time.


Image Courtesy: afrotechafrica.com