Facebook lets you send money through Messenger app.

Facebook Now Allows You to Send and Receive Money through Messenger App

The service is currently available in New York only, but will make its way to other states as well.

Facebook revealed a couple of months back that it will start a service which will allow users to send money through messages. Yesterday, the service became live for Facebook  users in New York.

People can now do money transactions through Facebook Messenger app. However, they will need to fill in their debit card information to do so. Facebook undoubtedly is one of the most popular social networking platforms available and this kind of service will surely help a lot of users.

As mentioned above, this service is currently available in New York only, but the users in other states will be able to benefit from this service soon as Facebook assures that it will roll it out for users all across USA in the upcoming weeks.

We tested the app and it worked perfectly well. From now on, whenever you write an amount with dollar sign alongside it, it automatically gets hyperlinked and you will be able to click on it to begin the transaction.

Only downside to this service is that it would only be made available in USA, but here’s hoping that the users from other countries will be able to get benefit from it as well.


Image Courtesy: dailydot.com

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