Facebook now has a New Photo Viewer with Cool Interface [update]

Facebook had been working on various new features for making the Facebook Experience for its user more better. Today Facebook added a new interface to its Photo viewer with Awesome Look and Highly interactive interface. The new update by Facebook has been made to all Facebook accounts effectively from 8th February 2012. Its quite noticing that the new Look of the Facebook Photo viewer looks little similar to that of the Photo viewer of the Google+, but that’s just your assumption cause the real thing is much much better than the Google+ photoviewer.

Facebook now has a new photo viewer - officially released

The new Photo Viewer interface has better usability since we don’t have to scroll down to comment on the respective images. Now when the user click on any image they will see a renewed Photo viewer in which the image will be shown on left side of the screen and on the right side the image of the photo owner, Comments from friends and sponsored stories will be shown. If you hover over to the image then Facebook allow’s you to like the photo or tag your friends in it.

You can scroll the comment’s displayed on the right side and type new comment’s on the bottom right corner. With the new photo viewer design there is no obstructive endless scrolling , rather a simple beautiful scroll bar on right side which looks similar to an iframe scrolling.

The Sponsored add section is also shown below the comment section on the right. Facebook is now giving more stress to show the sponsored ads section below the comment section of the new photo viewer , maybe Facebook is getting less click’s for its advertisements. Apart from this design’s other old features which you could do in the old photo viewer is also available with the new design. So Nothing other than the look is changed.

Apart from this feature Facebook had also released its official Chat messenger for Windows desktop recently. And a new feature that shows sponsored stories  in newsfeed is also expected to come soon.

 Are you also seeing the new Facebook Photo viewer in your profile? If so let us know your opinion about it through your comments below.

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