Facebook Official App Updated for iOS & Android is now 2x Faster and Build-in Messenger

Facebook today announces a new update to its previous versions of  iOS & Android app. By this new updated Facebook has cleared one of its greatest problems regarding slow browsing speed in the Apps. Facebook’s new App is infact 2 times faster than the previous version.  The Browsing speed of the new app is extremely great compared to the previous one.

facebook-for-iphone ios update

 The new Apps are  now build in Objective-C rather than the HTML5 which makes the application processing much faster. Apart from the faster Performance , a lot of changes have been made in the user interface, such as the messages and notifications is now moved to the top of screen from bottom, and they are present at every other screens.

facebook app update for ios and android

After Testing the Apps in both android and iOS , its found that the iOS version is faster than the android. The news feed now loads faster and it is so fast that it loads with just a single  tap. Scrolling through the news feed is also made smooth now.  When new notification comes a banner lets you know about it.

Faster Photo Viewing with the new 2x faster facebook ios app

The images are now loading at a really good speed ,ie , with just a tap of finger on any photo and it opens right away. Even the Facebook Standalone camera App is now integrated in this new app and we can easily go back to previous page without any confusion.

Another Remarkable update in this facebook App is all the features of Facebook Messenger is also integrated into this new app. This also  includes the ability to send friends photos and your location. And to make it easy for the developers, the two apps now share a code base.

You can either install the new App or update your previous versions to experience this faster app. You can grab the app now for Android or iOS by clicking on the respective links. Buy facebook fans here

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