Facebook Website is now using HTML5 instead of Flash for Videos

Facebook Replaces Flash with HTML5 for All its Videos

HTML5 reportedly has fewer bugs and faster speed, with both the features missing in Adobe Flash.

According to an announcement made earlier week, Facebook has ditched Flash for HTML5. As per the company’s blog post, all the videos available on its website, including those in News Feed and on different pages, will run on HTML5 by default. The update is available for all the browsers.

Facebook did not take this decision overnight. Back in July, the company’s chief security officer has complained about the security vulnerabilities in Flash software and advised Adobe to put an end to the software.

Facebook’s Daniel Baulig wrote a detailed blog post mentioning the problems the social media giant faced in switching to HTML5, and how it fixed them all. He claims that the company took the decision of replacing Flash only after making sure HTML5 is free of performance bugs.

Facebook is not the first company to have dropped Flash. Only recently, Google ended support for the software on its Chrome browser. Even Firefox plans on killing support for the software by the end of 2015.

Noticing the diminishing trust and interest of tech companies in its video player, Adobe itself has started to believe that it’s finally time to leave Flash behind and move towards more efficient web standards.

Adobe Flash had a number of downsides including high security risks, slow speed, battery drainage, lack of support on smartphones, etc.


Image Courtesy: engage.synecoretech.com

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