Solar powered Drone

Facebook Solar Powered Drone “Aquila” Flown for the First Time

Facebook has been working on its full sized solar powered drone for quite some time now, and today, it finally tested it. The drone is named Aquila and was flown for the first time today. It remained in the air for 90 minutes, which Facebook later revealed was three-times longer than they initially anticipated.

The purpose of this drone is not to attack people everywhere in the world instead the focus is to deliver internet to 4 billion people that don’t have any kind of access to it.

Despite being huge in size, Facebook assures that this unmanned plane takes up as much energy as a hairdryer or microwave oven.

The tech giant is hoping to create a ton of Aquilas and release them all 60k to 90k feet in the sky. They will communicate with each other through lasers and will stay aloft for months.

This is obviously something that hasn’t been done before, so making it a possibility is not an easy thing to do. However, the man at helm, Mark Zuckerberg is committed to the project is more than likely to deliver on his promises.

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