Facebook Moneypenny in Testing Phase

Facebook Tests “Moneypenny”, First Human-Powered Virtual Personal Assistant

This feature will be a rival to Apple’s Siri, sources claim.

With Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana, how could Facebook possibly sit quiet? In an effort to compete in the market, Facebook is testing its personal assistant Moneypenny, a codename taken from a famous character in the James Bond movie series.

What makes Moneypenny better than its competitors is that it has given a human touch to virtual personal assistant. The feature will be run by “real people” who will answer users’ queries. No other virtual assistant offer human assistance at the moment. Instead, they process data on computers and then suggest relevant solutions.

Even though very little is known about the feature yet, internal sources claim that it will help people in researching and buying products and services.

It is reported that this feature will be added in Facebook Messenger.

It is still unknown how the tech giant will charge its users for this feature, and how it will handle the delivery of products and services.

Also, there is no word on when this feature will be released and for which platforms. Let’s hope that everything goes will in the testing phase, so that we can try this interesting feature very soon.


Image Courtesy: theinformation.com

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