Facebook Changes Real Name Policy

Facebook Tests New Tools to Improve its Real Name Policy

The new tools are designed after having stimulating discussions with the safety organizations and community leaders from around the globe.

In response to criticism from minorities, Facebook has started testing new tools to make the real name policy acceptable and effective for everyone, including the people who face discrimination. These tools are developed after consulting different safety organizations and community leaders.

From now onwards, Facebook will allow its users to get access to their Facebook account for seven days while they complete the name verification process. Efforts have also been made to increase the security of documents given by the Facebook users to verify their name.

The updated method requires a person to give the additional information as to why he is reporting the name. In the same way, Facebook users will be given a chance to share their circumstances when asked for verifying their name. This will enable the review team to facilitate the users in the best way possible.

In addition to making the whole process simpler, the new tools will reduce the number of Facebook users who have to verify their name.

The new tools are currently tested on a limited number of Facebook users for mobile and desktop across the US.


Image Courtesy: visionodyssey.com