Facebook: The Digital Grim Reaper

Facebook is touching our lives at so many different levels, which is good and bad at the same time. Wondering how one thing can be good and bad at the same time? Well, it really depends on how you use it. It is completely fine if you use Facebook for just a little and consider it nothing more than a platform for staying connected with your social circle. However, if you let it become anything more than that, you’d find yourself sucked in a whirlpool of loss, depression, anxiety, insecurity, loneliness, and much more. It would slash away every bit of life that you had until you’re left with absolutely nothing but a bag full of problems. Like a grim reaper, it will strip you of life, figuratively speaking of course. Here’s just a glimpse of the damage the social networking giant is capable of causing.

Ruins Real Life Relationships

According to Steven Strogatz from Cornell University, Facebook makes us confused when it comes to relationships. We have started committing more time and energy to weak relationships we hold with others via the Facebook, neglecting the strong relationships present in our real life. In simple words, we are losing real relationship for fake ones. We somehow manage to keep in touch with our online friend living in some other region of the world, but we rarely get a time to meet our college buddies or childhood friends. In the same way, we tend to ignore our family while talking to someone online who does not even know our full name or birthday.

Increases Our Inner Most Insecurities

Every one of us has certain insecurities deep within us, but Facebook takes them up to an entirely new level, making us feel inferior to others. You may be happy with your life, your partner, your job and everything else you’ve been blessed with, but all of a sudden, you come across the profile of your school fellow who always received average grades but is now working in a well-reputed company and is married to a beautiful spouse (in your opinion at least). It’s obvious that you will start comparing your life with that person, and this is when your insecurities become your worst nightmares. Facebook has the ability to make even the most successful people sink in the perception that they are inferior to others or that they are simply not good enough.

Controls Your Mood

Facebook control our moods in many ways up to a great extent, and the sad thing is that most of us do not even realize it. The chances are you open a Facebook account with a good mood expecting to read something inspiring, but you end up getting angry over the recent post of your boss, ex, or any other person. There is so much happening on Facebook all the time and it’s not always positive or motivating. According to a research article published in PLOS ONE journal, excessive use of Facebook not only decreases the moment-to-moment happiness of young adults, but it also decreases their long-term satisfaction.

Affects Your Self-esteem

Amongst the several drawbacks of excessive use of Facebook is a decrease in self-esteem. You may start to feel that you didn’t get what you deserve, or you are not as successful as your friends. It may also make you feel less confident. This happens mainly because you start comparing your life with that of others by checking their statuses and reading their success stories without realizing the fact that most of the people only share the fancy and glittering details of their lives on Facebook while hiding the ugly or painful moments.


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