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Facebook to Add “Reactions” to Like Button within Next Few Weeks

Long pressing the Like button will pop-up 4 emojis, along with two more options, to let Facebook users share an animated visual of their reaction.

Despite the strong demand for Dislike button, Facebook has made it clear already that such a demand cannot be met. However, the social networking giant has come up with a solution of its own that its users would definitely welcome. According to The Verge, Facebook is all set to add the Reactions feature to the Like button in the next few weeks.

The feature is very simple and easy to use. Just long press and hold the Like button until 5 options pop up. The list if reactions so far include like, love, haha, angry, sad and wow. 4 of these reactions are depicted through emojis. Select the one that best represents your reaction and you are good to go.

Once the feature goes live, Facebook posts will start showing the number of each reactions alongside the number of Likes.

You may get to know everything about the feature, from the idea generation to the idea execution phase, from one of Facebook’s leaders here.


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