Facebook Bring Music Videos to Platform

Facebook to Bring Music Videos to Your News Feed?

All of your favorite music videos might make their way to Facebook in the coming months.

It has been reported on multiple outlets that Facebook is in talks with some major brands to bring music videos to its platform. This market is currently held by YouTube only, but with the popularity that Facebook has managed to gain in the past few years, it could give YouTube a run for its money.

According to the sources, the initial discussion has been done and if everything goes well, Facebook users will get to see music videos on their News Feed in the coming months.

The revenues earned through these videos are divided 55%-45%, with YouTube taking the lesser one. However, it has been reported that Facebook is giving better offers to brands and other video creators to attract them to their platform.

After the release of official videos on YouTube, they are then spread on the web through different unauthorized channels. Facebook is looking to get ahead here as well as it is promising the brands that all the unauthorized videos will be taken down right away.

At the end of the day, businesses are all about money, so it won’t be too surprising to see a large chunk of music labels making their way to Facebook in the near future.


Image Courtesy: accessnow.org

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