Facebook testing Gif Button in Messenger

Facebook to Introduce a Dedicated GIF Button for Messenger App

The users will be able to use GIFs without any help from third-party providers.

Facebook is always looking to improve Messenger app usage for its consumers. Just a few days ago, it was revealed that the users without any Facebook account will be able to utilize services of Messenger. And today, the tech giant has revealed that a dedicated support for GIFs will also be added to the instant messaging app.

Currently, the users have to opt for third-party GIFs in their conversations. However, Facebook is looking to change that by introducing its own GIFs that will enable users to use them without seeking any help.

A GIF button is under consideration for this matter which will contain GIFs related to all emotions so that the users can access them easily. All the trending GIFs will be available under this tab so that the users won’t have to go through a plethora of them just to find the one they are looking for.

There are a lot of third-party GIFs available on the Messenger right now which provide users with variety of options, but that will be taken away if you opt to use Facebook GIF tab only.

If you want more options, then third-party GIFs is still the best option. However, if you are not that much into GIFs and only use them occasionally, then Facebook tab button will cater to your needs quite nicely.

Currently, this GIF tab is in testing phase and available, but you can expect it to be made available all over the world in the near future.


Image Courtesy: pressandupdate.com