Facebook working on a virtual reality video app for mobile devices

Facebook to Reportedly Launch a Virtual Reality Video App for Mobile Devices

The app will work on iOS and Android both.

According to the Facebook’s inner sources, the company is working on a virtual reality app for mobile devices which will show 360-degree or “spherical” videos. The app will be designed using a multiple-cameras format so that the users can get 360-degree view just by tilting the device.

According to a detailed report published on The Wall Street Journal, the app is expected to run on iOS and Android both. The app is still in development phase, so there are still no words on if and when it will be released.

If the app does see the light of day, it will face direct competition from YouTube, which provide option to view 360 degree videos, and Google, which has a Cardboard VR viewer for this purpose.

Even though it is just a speculation, yet it still makes sense, as the company acquired a virtual reality firm Oculus VR for $2 billion last year, and Mark Zuckerberg also consider virtual reality to be “next major computing and communication platform after phones”.

Facebook refused to comment.


Image Courtesy: metro.co.uk

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