Facebook Introduces New Tool for Broken Relationships

Facebook Trying to Make Digital Breakup a Little Bearable

A new tool has been added to the social networking platform that will allow you to see less of your ex’s daily life.

Breakups aren’t easy to begin with. However, they get even more difficult when you have to look at your ex’s pictures and videos just because they’re added in your friends list.

Fortunately, Facebook has come up with a new feature that will allow you to take a break from your ex and only see what they are sharing when you actually visit their profile. This new feature will prompt you to enable it whenever you change your relationship status.

People don’t usually unfriend each other on Facebook after breaking up, and then are reminded of each other whenever they log in. This makes moving on quite difficult for the parties involved. However, with this new tool, you will be able keep your ex in your friends list without worrying about looking at them.

Your ex will never be notified of these changes, which is a huge advantage because in the case of being unfriended and blocked, the other party is sure to react, but with this tool, it’s all good.

That’s not all though as Facebook will also allow you to limit what your ex sees from you. You will be able to hide almost all posts from them apart from the ones that are publicly shared.

It seems like a nice new addition to the already feature-rich Facebook and it will surely be helpful for a whole lot of people.


Image Courtesy: trendhunter.com

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