Facebook introduces Live exclusively for Celebrities

Facebook Unveils “Live” Video Streaming Feature Exclusively For Celebrities

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Lester Holt, Luke Bryan, Ashley Tisdale and Serena Williams are among the first few influencers to use this feature.

Yesterday, Facebook introduced Live, an interesting feature to allow celebrities to share their live videos with their fans. Facebook users can leave a comment, like, and even share the live broadcasts of their favorite celebrities without installing any app. In case someone misses the live streaming, they would be able to watch the videos on the Facebook pages of those celebrities.

The live video streaming feature is a part of Facebook Mentions, an app specially designed for celebrities and influencers from different walks of life to interact with their fans in a better way.

The newly introduced feature is not just about sharing live videos. Celebrities can also get to know about the number of viewers in real time. Also, they can see comments and respond to them during the live broadcast.

With Periscope and Meerkat already popular among celebrities, Facebook needed such a feature to maintain its commanding position in the market. What’s making Live different from both these apps is that this feature can only be used by celebrities with verified Facebook accounts and not by general public.


Image Courtesy: madamasr.com

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