Facebook introduces Payment Service for Messenger App

Facebook Unveils Messenger Payment Service Across the US

Those living in the US can now send and receive payment through Facebook Messenger just by sharing their debit card information.

David Marcus, V.P Messaging Products, officially announced in a Facebook post that its Messenger payment service is now exclusively available across United States. You can send person-to-person payment just by logging into Facebook Messenger and entering debit card information along with the amount of money you want to share. Press “$” icon to initiate the process.

Payment process completes after the receiver acknowledges confirmation message on his Messenger. This payment method allows you to send money straight from your bank account to that of the receiver. The time it takes to receive payment may vary depending on your bank.

Facebook Messenger payment feature only supports payments through debit card at the moment, probably because it has limited fee. The use of credit card makes the payment process more costly.

Facebook initially started the Messenger payment feature only for the people living in New York City in March. Almost 30 day back, the company allowed its users to send and receive money within group chats, and last week it allowed non-Facebook users to join the messaging App.

Facebook has not yet said a word on when this feature will be available in other countries as well.


Image Courtesy: mashable.com

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