Facebook vs. Google: Which is the best Platform for Advertising?

Both Facebook and Google have become giants in the industry. This has made the job of advertisers a whole lot difficult as they are always wondering which company to go for in terms of advertising. Obviously both platforms have some advantages and disadvantages but you will have to look for one that suits your business better. If you’re wondering what each platform has to offer then look no further as we have detailed the advertisement process on both platforms. By looking at the merits and demerits of each company, you can decide which one to go for rather easily. First of all, let’s shed some light on Facebook.


Facebook has grown in popularity at a pretty frantic pace as there are more than 1.7 billion users available on it. So the chances of your ad being seen here increases by quite a bit. Another advantage of posting your ad on Facebook is that your ad stays here for a longer period of time, hence allowing you to attract more customers to your product. Facebook not only allows you to advertise your page, but if there is a specific product or offer that you want people to know about, you can just boost that particular product or offer. This allows you to attract different types of customers to your business, which in the end will only benefit you.

You can enhance your search even more by putting in different filters like age. By doing this, you will only be going after people of a certain age group, which will increase your chances of finding the customers that is best suited for your style of business. Finding the right customers is the key to survival in the competitive market and businesses know it. Due to this reason, Facebook is quite an effective tool and will surely help attract a whole lot of customers.


Google search engine is used worldwide and upon searching something, you will notice that the first couple of results in the database are actually ads for some company who are offering something that you are interested in. More often than not, people click on those ads and usually find the stuff that they were searching for. This is a nice way of advertising as the users will be able to spot your ad without too much trouble and is very likely to click on that particular link. This is a helpful feature and can boost your company’s ranking in the search engine by quite some margin.

So Who Wins?

As far as traffic is concerned, Facebook obviously has more dedicated users who spend a lot of time on the platform and are more than likely to see the ads posted. On the other hand, Google is a go-to search engine for almost all the internet users, so you can expect a lot of traffic there as well. However, on Google, there are other options to choose from and if the users don’t like what you have got to offer, they will then move on to those other links. This is where Facebook shines. It seeks out the interests of the users and put your ads accordingly, so the person who comes to your site is more than likely to like your page, and by doing that, he/she will continue to receive regular updates. If you have to choose between the two, then it is advised that you go for Facebook because its user base has been on the rise with each passing day and it works more efficiently as an advertising partner.


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