Facebook’s Anti-Theft Tool for its Video Platform Could be the Next Big Thing

Facebook is on the verge of coming up with its own video creating and sharing platform that will go toe to toe with the almighty YouTube. It has been reported before that Facebook is in talks with a lot of different publishers for its new video platform as it wants to make it as strong as possible. We have learned so far that the revenue sharing offered by Facebook is fairly better than the one being offered by YouTube. The pricing issue is present in YouTube, but the problem that has really been causing havoc for the users is piracy. Facebook is looking to counter this problem on its platform as it has come up with the new plan.

What’s The Plan?

Facebook is planning to evaluate millions of videos that are uploaded quickly and instead of dealing with the videos themselves, Facebook will notify the users about this infringement, and then it will be up to the users to remove said video or let it stay. The social networking giant explains:

“Our matching tool will evaluate millions of video uploads quickly and accurately, and when matches are surfaced, publishers will be able to report them to us for removal.”

Small Beginnings

This matching tool will only be made available to a small group of partners initially. Facebook will then ask that small group for constant feedback so that it can improve the tool as fast as possible. After the tool has reached its potential, Facebook will release it for all the video creators. The users will then be able to upload their own content freely without any fear of that video being pirated. This of course will come in handy for a large number of users who have succumbed to piracy on YouTube. Soon after uploading a video, it gets downloaded and then people upload it once again as if it was their own property. This has become a huge problem for the users of YouTube, which is why they are demanding that the Facebook’s platform takes care of this problem first and foremost.

No More Frustrated Users

As mentioned above, YouTube’s biggest disadvantage is piracy, and that of course is a concern for a lot of people. If Facebook really wants its new platform to work, it will need to take anti-piracy measures. Only then will it be able to draw more users towards it. Better revenue sharing policies are already an attraction for a whole lot of video creators, but if they are assured that their videos will stay in safe hands, then they will be able to rest easy and will surely want to switch to Facebook’s video platform.

Facebook has only announced its plans for the tool, so nothing can be said with certainty at this point. However, if Facebook manages to come up with some sort of tool that can prevent piracy of videos, then that would be a huge blow to YouTube as a large number of their user-base will probably migrate to Facebook’s video platform.


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