Facebook’s Hamburg Offices Got Vandalized

Facebook’s Hamburg Offices Vandalized

Not removing hate speech and xenophobic comments from the platform may have led to the attack.

Facebook’s offices in Hamburg, Germany, were vandalized yesterday by a group of people as they smashed glass, threw paint all over the walls, and wrote “Facebook Dislike” on the wall.

After going through with the initial process of investigation, German police stated that the attack was carried out by 15 to 20 hooded personnel who were dressed in all-black.

This attack seemed to have taken place because Facebook failed to remove hate speech and racist comments which have been on the rise since the refugees seeking solace made their way to Germany.

The European head of Facebook has been under investigation for not removing the hate speech since last month. A spokesperson for the tech giant commented on this situation saying “We can say that the allegations lack merit and there has been no violation of German law by Facebook or its employees.”

As far as the people behind the attack are concerned, police are still investigating the matter and expect to get their hands on the culprits sooner rather than later.


Image Courtesy: theguardian.com

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