Facebook tests new in-app search

Facebook’s In-App Search Can Threaten Google’s Search Domination

Facebook is testing an in-app search engine named “Add a Link”, which can give tough time to Google.

Facebook is testing an in-app search engine, which will allow its users to add links to articles, websites, news posts, and much more without visiting Google.

The search engine works similar to Google. When the user enters a query, it would bring up a list of relevant results. The user can preview the given link, and then share it on his/her Facebook page.

The feature is currently available for Facebook users in the US only.

According to rough estimate, people spend 28% of their total internet usage time on Facebook, and if this feature works well, then this time will increase up to a great extent.

Experts claim that this will definitely put pressure on Google.

Typically, users have to visit Google to search for a relevant website, copy the link and paste it on Facebook. This search engine will make the whole process simpler in order to make sure users spend more time on the social network.

Facebook has already indexed one trillion posts shared by its users. These posts will definitely enhance the search results of Facebook in-app search engine.

There is currently no word on when this feature becomes available for Facebook users worldwide.


Image Courtesy: kofiph.wordpress.com