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Facebook’s Expands to Reach over One Billion People Worldwide

The service touched the milestone by partnering with local carriers in various countries., a program aiming to offer affordable internet access to the entire planet, especially those who cannot access it otherwise, has reached 1 billion users, a significant rise from the tally of 800 million users just a few days back.

This web and Android app offer basic internet facilities free of cost. Designed to be as efficient as possible, the service gives users access to a very limited number of websites, including Facebook, Google and Wikipedia. Websites and content that eat up too much bandwidth like videos and high resolution pictures for instance aren’t allowed.

Facebook reached this figure after doing partnership with several new local carriers in India, Zambia, and Colombia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Ghana and few other countries.

Making affordable internet available to over 1 billion people just in 2 years is an achievement everyone should appreciate Facebook for.

Zuckerberg, the genius behind Facebook, said in his recent post that this project will be soon available to more people and more countries. He further added that the company will not stop unless every person on the planet gets access to the internet.


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