Facebook Introduces Subscribe Button Feature

facebook subscriptionWell facebook is now coming up with another twitter killer feature in the form of subscribe button. Or it may be somewhat following google plus path or expanding one of the old unknown features of facebook, that is if you give a friendship request to a person and he/she don’t respond to it , you will keep getting hs/her public updates to your home page feed.

So lets take a quick lok through the subscribe option.

First of all go and enable subscribe button here By visiting the link below.

Now when someone visits your profile  they will see a Subscribe button or tab. All your friends are by default subscribed to you and you with them . So this option will be available to your non friends only who wishes to just read your notification but not to be your friend.


Subscribe button on profile


Now you can see the people to whom you are subscribed to on your profile page in the “subscriptions” tab  and also you can see an option called “Subscribers” which shows who all have subscribed to you as shown in the below figure. Now people whose posts you are subscribed to will start appearing on your news feed.


Subscribed list preview


Now if you go to your subscribers option in your facebook profile you can edit your subscriptions settings, by clicking on the right side top of your profile “Edit Settings” .


Edit Subscriber settings

People to subscribe to (suggestion)The subscriptions option is well integrated to facebook through out.  Even the friendship data box also features mutual subscription number, and other details.

Also Facebook now suggests people to subscribe through out the whole facebook experience as for when you type messages, visits profiles and any other area of facebook you can see facebook suggesting your people to subscribe to.



Now if you click on the view all option you will get a dedicated people to subscribe page. This is the one which will really kill the twitter follow suggestions as facebook graph is more vivid and it can use this data to suggest you people to follow .



Subscribe button list

Well now this subscription option create a difference between pages and individuals clearly . As for now with the latest feature , pages clearly means some firm or product or so on. And people profiles remains people profiles. Celebrities can easily manage their updates confidently with this settings. Now you can get your Favorite celebrities news directly from their Facebook profile without even being friends with them by subscribing to their feed.

hope you all will enjoy this all new killer facebook feature as I did. Enjoy Facebooking.