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FalcoVPN Review: Just Another VPN App, or Something Truly Special?


Sensing an unfulfilled demand and inadequate satisfaction, FalcoVPN has stepped into an unforgiving and saturated VPN market. It clearly intends to prove itself wiser beyond its years by delivering the kind of digital security, privacy, and freedom that internet users desperately crave for. We picked it up and decide to take it for a spin, careful to keep our expectations pretty modest. Much to our surprise, we found it to be very much at par with some of the top VPN services available. Everything from the sheer number of features and performance to the simplicity of the app and great customer service left us genuinely impressed. In our FalcoVPN review, we are going to be highlighting its features, compatibility, setup process, security and encryption, speed and performance, servers, pricing, and much more.

Key Features of FalcoVPN

  • Secure Connection
  • Multiple Tunneling Protocols
  • Multiple Connections
  • Complete Privacy
  • Multiple Servers
  • Fast Connection Speed
  • User-Friendly Setup and Interface
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Free Service
  • Various Premium Plans
  • Risk-Free Subscription

Compatible Devices and Operating Systems

FalcoVPN is clearly looking to woo mobile users, available only for iOS and Android devices at the moment. The iOS version of FalcoVPN works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS version 8.0 or later. As for the version for Google OS-powered smartphones and tablets, the requirement is Android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later. With no Windows version yet, FalcoVPN is certainly putting itself at a bit of a disadvantage as most of its competitors are catering to all major platforms instead of sticking with just one or two of them. This could, however, very well be a strategic move on its part to keep its focus on delivering flawless service on the mobile platform before expanding its scope.

Installation and Configuration

User-friendliness is clearly a trend in app development these days, and Falco VPN has managed to stay true to it. Everything from the installation and registration process to the part where you can actually start using the app to securely and freely surf the web has been kept exceptionally simple.

Since it comes pre-configured, first-time users won’t find their technological prowess challenged by being forced to navigate their way through a series of complex options. However, those familiar with this kind of tech and interested in tweaking their experience will find a few configuration options in app settings, though they are pretty limited in number and their impact on the service isn’t exactly huge.

Security Protocols

If your primary use of a VPN service is to attain data security, then FalcoVPN will certainly not leave you disappointed. It offers not one, but multiple tunneling and encryption options in both the iOS and Android versions. While PPTP, L2TP, and IPSec are available on both the mobile platforms, the exceptionally secure OpenVPN protocol is exclusive to the Android version, whereas the speedier IKEv2 protocol is an iOS version exclusive. The sheer variety and flexibility of FalcoVPN tunneling and encryption protocols make the app a powerful shield against anyone trying to intercept your data while it’s in transit.

Speed and Performance

Accessing the web through VPN is known to result in a drop in speed, and FalcoVPN is no exception to this. The difference between a mediocre and high-quality VPN service is that the latter keeps the speed drop to a minimum. We ran a few tests while securing the connection through its different protocols and found the speeds to be quite satisfactory. If you’re planning on using a VPN service to stream your favorite shows online without having to deal with frequent buffering interruptions, then you’ll find FalcoVPN very much up to the task.

Servers and Locations

For a VPN service that is still in its infancy stage, FalcoVPN sure has taken off with some pretty stable servers that offer impressive uptime and reliability. The servers are located in different parts of the world, making them perfect portals to online freedom.

We spent most of our time on the New York server and found it to be pretty smooth. However, as the app grows more popular and more users start connecting to the server, a few issues might surface, as has been the case with previous VPN services. Whether FalcoVPN goes on to suffer from similar issues or it proactively prepares for the expected strain by increasing its number of servers is something that only time would tell.

Premium Plans and Pricing

One of the best things about FalcoVPN is its multiple pricing plans. First off, there’s the free version, which lets you use the service for free, but there’s a data cap of 500 MB. However, if you expect your use to be far greater than that, then you have the option to choose between a 1-month, 6-month, or 1-year plan, each priced reasonably to keep the affordability intact. Going premium has a few benefits, including unlimited bandwidth and a dedicated IP. We advise you to start off with the free version and giving the app a test run before spending money on it. That seems to be FalcoVPN’s plan as well, as it offers you ample time to try out the service and encourages you to become a customer only after you’re satisfied with the experience.


The quality of FalcoVPN’s support team came off as a pleasant surprise. It always feels great to be valued as a customer, and the support team member we had a pleasure of talking to did just that. We complained about the service, made unrealistic demands, and even threw a few technical questions during our email correspondence. Much to our surprise, not once did we get a response that would make us feel offended, amused, or confused. This is exactly what customer support should be like in our opinion – tolerant and knowledgeable. Full marks to FalcoVPN on this one.

Our Final Words on Falco VPN

FalcoVPN is certainly a great addition to the long list of VPN apps available online. Unlike its competitors, it has kept things really simple and limited its focus to iOS and Android mobile devices, which, though a bit disappointing, highlights its commitment to quality over quantity. Popular security protocols are there and they work great, whereas the servers are reliable with impressive uptime and speed. The pricing is just about right, whereas we are totally in love with the support team. All in all, FalcoVPN gets two thumbs up from us and wins our recommendation.


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