FIFA 18 Review – Slower Pace Makes it Better

FIFA games sells like hotcakes and the reason behind it are the millions of fans who absolutely love football and can’t wait to get their hands on the yearly entries. After somewhat disappointing FIFA 17, people were expecting FIFA 18 to rectify all those mistakes and add some new stuff as well, and that’s exactly what EA has done. They have improved upon the overall formula and made the game a whole lot better. Previous FIFA titles were extremely fast paced and people lost just because they couldn’t move their characters fast enough. However, things have been slowed down in FIFA 18, and it makes the game smoother. Although it is not an easy adjustment to make as you must be used to the fast pace of previous FIFA games, but once you get the hang of it, things start to get normal and you begin to feel like you are in control.

Better AI

AI has always been extremely intelligent in FIFA games, they act realistically and move into positions depending on your plays. This has been improved even further in FIFA 18. They do move into places once again, but they also take into account the score line and the time remaining. If your team is leading by a single goal, and you are on the offensive, not all of your team will join you in attack. Defenders will stay back as they realize that one wrong move will cost them. This didn’t happen before. As soon as you went forward, the whole team made it to the offensive side as well. This left defense completely complacent and more often than not, this is when the opposition was able to make a comeback. However, things have improved now – Now, the AI takes everything in account, and performs actions in accordance.


Goalkeepers have always been a mixed bag when it comes to FIFA. On some occasions, they will stop an awesome shot 6 yards, and on some occasions, they will not even make an effort to stop a slowly rolling ball into the goal. Things have taken a turn for the worse in FIFA 18. Goalkeepers are now extremely unreliable and if anyone takes a shot, it is more than likely that your keeper will miss it. This goes both ways though, you will also be able to score goals rather easily, but it is not fun. Goalkeeping AI was way better in FIFA 17, but in FIFA 18, it has been made worse. It is not that game-breaking, but it is still annoying when your keeper can’t stop a shot from half-way through the field just because of bad coding.

Story Mode

Alex Hunter returns once again and the story is even better this time around. EA really kicked it out of the park the last time, and it was hard to imagine that they will top themselves, but they have. This new Journey mode is fantastic and really makes you feel for the character. You feel as if you are the one in his shoes, and are trying to make it to the next level. It’s a lot of fun. Even if you didn’t play the story mode in FIFA 17, I highly recommend that you play it in FIFA 18. It improves on all aspects and delivers an amazing storyline.

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