Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Goes Gold, Season Pass Details Revealed

Square Enix announced today that Final Fantasy XV has gone gold and will stick to its Nov. 29 release date.

The news of game going gold was accompanied by season pass details, which revealed that the game will receive a total of four DLCs. First three of which will focus on Noctis’ companions by telling stories of each of them individually.

The final DLC will bring focus back on the main character Noctis, but it will also make all three of his partners playable. You can play as all of them alone or you can invite three of your friends for four player online co-op.

Unfortunately, the co-op is restricted to fourth DLC only, so don’t expect to be playing the main story or any other DLCs with your friends.

After making us wait for a very long time, Final Fantasy XV will finally hit the stores on November 29, 2016.

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