is oculus rift worth buying?

Despite Not Being a Complete Package, Oculus Rift Still Has Great Potential

Virtual reality gaming has been a hot topic of discussion since a long time. We have seen quite a few amazing VR headsets roll out since the start of the year, but none of them were as eagerly anticipated as Facebook’s Oculus Rift headset. People were craving to get their hands on it, and when it finally arrived, early copies got sold like hot cakes. The reason people were so excited about this VR headset was because of the games, which looked and played really well. Looking at the momentum it was carrying in the first week, it seemed that Oculus will soon take over gaming, but a few shortcomings and the arrival of a fierce competitor in the shape of HTC Vive halted its ambitious pursuit of capturing and revolutionizing the gaming market. Let’s discuss the VR headset in more detail and try to answer the question that “Is Oculus Rift worth buying?”


Oculus Rift’s success in its first week was humungous. However, people stopped paying attention to it when they realized that it’s missing two key components, room-scale option and touch controllers. Without these two integral features, Rift felt incomplete, and that is exactly what HTC capitalized on. They released a VR headset capable of playing the games at the same resolution and frame rate, but they also added controllers and room-scale options. Although HTC Vive is more expensive than Rift, people still go for it because they want to get the best VR experience possible, and at the moment, only HTC appears to be providing that. These shortcomings almost killed off Oculus Rift at one point, but due to a solid financial backing by Facebook, it is looking to make a strong comeback.

Upcoming Changes

After seeing how successful Vive had been with its controllers, Oculus decided to come up with their own versions of it, and they are coming out real soon. People with access to Rift will be able to use the controllers to play each and every game that has been released so far, along with the ones that will come out in the future. This will be a huge change because at the moment, people have to rely on the headset a bit too much, which can be quite nauseating.

That’s not all though, as Facebook is also looking to introduce room-scaling options. Almost every VR gadget out there has this option, so Oculus missing this option is a big minus. However, Facebook has realized its mistake and is looking to make amends as soon as possible.

All these changes are great, but Oculus Rift will need a great collection of games if it wants to stay relevant in the market. From what we have heard, Facebook is planning on getting a few amazing exclusives as well.

Best VR Games

People purchase VR headset mainly to play video games, and if they don’t live up to their expectations, then they will surely move on to something better. Facebook realizes this fact, which is why it is focusing on getting more exclusive titles on Oculus Rift. They are investing a lot of money on VR developers so that they can get exclusive rights to their games. This is a great strategy and will help them a lot because as soon as the aforementioned shortcomings are sorted out, only difference between Rift and Vive will be of games, and with better collection, Facebook will be able to attract way more people to its VR headset.

So to sum up, we can admit that yes, Oculus Rift indeed has its problems, but in a few months from now, it will probably go toe to toe with HTC Vive. In fact, there is a likelihood that Rift will come out on top because of better financial backing and some action-packed exclusives.