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How to Find Out Who Unfriended You on Facebook

We all know how popular Facebook has become in the world of social-media. It is, undoubtedly, the most sought-after and most used social networking platform in the recent times.  Even though it does offer plenty of exciting features to its users, it still has not been able to tell you when someone unfriends you on Facebook. Yes, sadly, you do not receive any notification when a friend of yours unfriends you or removes you from their friends’ list.

However, it doesn’t simply mean there is no way you can find out who actually has removed you from their friends’ list on Facebook. With the help of numerous third-party apps, you can actually get to know when someone unfriends you. We really hope Facebook to quickly add an update into the site and notify when someone unfriends you. Until Facebook reaches that point, let’s take help from a third-party app and get the work done.

The app under discussion is an Android app and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Please do remember that this app will only let you know which of your friends have unfriended you after you install the app on your smartphone.

The following step by step guide will explain how to find out who unfriended you on Facebook:

Step 1: Search the App

To begin the process, you would need to head over to the Google Play Store and look for the app Who unfriended me? You should find the app on top of the results as it’s quite a popular one.

Step 2: Download the App

Once you’ve come across the app, download and get it installed on your Android phone. Launch the app once the installation is complete.

Step 3: Login with Facebook

After you’ve launched the app on your smartphone, tap the Log in with Facebook on the screen and then enter your Facebook credentials to get your details synced with the app.

Step 4: Find Out Who Unfriended You

Now that you’ve synced your Facebook account with the app, you will be able to know who unfriended you on this social media platform. The app will send you a notification when someone deletes you and also tells you the name of that person.

Moreover, this app also provides you other information. For example, the app notifies you immediately when someone from your friends’ list has closed their account and not removed you from their list. Apart from telling who deleted you from their friends’ list, the app also sends you alerts when:

  • A friend blocks you
  • A friend deactivates or reactivates his/her account
  • A friend blocks you
  • You’ve become friends with someone on Facebook
  • A friend befriends you again

To enable the above-mentioned feature, all you need to do is tap the eye icon and then check/uncheck the desired options and select Ok in the end to save your selection. It’s as simple as it sounds.


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