Find Wi-Fi feature on Facebook

Here’s How to Use the New ‘Find Wi-Fi’ Feature on Facebook

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy free internet? Especially when you’re getting to know about free internet connections from one of your favorite and most used social networks – Facebook!

Yes, you’ve heard it right. You will soon be able to use the Find Wi-Fi on Facebook now.

Find Wi-Fi Feature is Here!

Facebook will soon be rolling out a new feature namely ‘Find Wi-Fi’ to help its users save on their mobile data and locate public Wi-Fi networks being offered at the nearby places surrounding them.

This Find Wi-Fi feature enables Facebook users to see a hotspot map of their nearby area, highlighting locations – be it cafes, restaurants, or any other public spot, that offer free Wi-Fi connection.

Last year, after being tested for iOS devices in a few, selected countries and garnering positive reviews, Facebook decided to release it to all the users across the globe on both iOS and Android devices.

It’s not a Wide-Open Wi-Fi

Since most of the places being found on the hotspot map might be offering open Wi-Fi networks, do not think that it’s all a wide-open public Wi-Fi. That’s not the case. The maps you see is basically made up of all the businesses that have a page on Facebook and they’ve also updated their exact location on their page. However, this feature will definitely be useful while selecting which café or coffee shop would be the best place for you if you’re wandering in an unfamiliar zone.

How to Find ‘Find Wi-Fi’ Feature?

It’s really easy to find the Find Wi-Fi feature on Facebook, especially if you’re located in an area surrounded by numerous hot spots.

If you’re using the Facebook app from your mobile, then just tap the ‘three-line’ icon on the upper right corner of the screen. A drop-down menu will welcome you and from there you will select the ‘Find Wi-Fi’ button.

You will be presented with a list of nearby places offering free Wi-Fi. By tapping the map button, a hotspot map will appear in front of you, displaying the locations with free Wi-Fi connections.

Please note that if you have not already allowed the Facebook app to access your current location, then make sure you do it before using this feature. Once Facebook app detects your current location, the map will show you all the locations offering free Wi-Fi connections.

There’s only one noteworthy flaw to the feature though. While a user is looking out for open Wi-Fi networks through this feature, he/she has to consume some of their mobile networks in order to access the hotspot map. And, if their mobile connection is relatively weak, they might not be able to get through the map at all.

Having said that, let us also mention that some of the reps from Facebook informed that this feature has been tested thoroughly in places with weak mobile networks, therefore it shouldn’t create a problem for the users in the first place.

Let’s try the feature before making any assumptions. What say?