Firefox Quantum Review

When it comes to browser efficiency, there is nothing better than Google Chrome. It does take a lot your memory usage but provides you with the premium experience. Other browsers weren’t even close to providing the level of performance of Chrome. Everyone who regularly uses internet just came to terms that if they are to get the best possible outcome out of the internet, they will need to get Google’s browser. Things have been this way for the past few years as neither Firefox nor Internet Explorer improved their game. This however changed this week when Firefox released their new browser called Firefox Quantum. To say that it significantly exceeds Chrome’s power would be an overstatement, but one thing we can say for certain is that this new and improved browser from Firefox is fantastic and improves on a lot of stuff that is lacking in Google Chrome. It enhances every feature and adds a bunch of new stuff as well.

CPU Usage

One of the biggest issues with Google Chrome is that it uses a lot of your RAM. A lot of people multitask on their computers and with Chrome at their disposal, multitasking is extremely difficult as it takes up a lot of the RAM, and leave very little for other programs. Fortunately, this is not the case with Firefox Quantum. It provides with the same premium experience as Chrome, without the hectic CPU usage. This means that you will no longer have to worry about doing other things while you browse the internet. This feature alone makes Chrome looks bad, but thankfully that’s not all as Quantum improves on other features as well.


Good speed is the key to efficient browsing experience and none of the tools available were even capable of getting close to what Google Chrome was offering. This problem has also been rectified by Firefox Quantum. There is no delay in opening of the new tabs and websites as the functions are performed instantaneously. Previously, it took some time for the new tabs to load and for the websites to fully load everything available. It has been fixed with the new browser as you get all the content you need without having to wait a single second.

Multi-Device Support

People have been requesting this feature from other browsers for a very long time, and Quantum delivers on that. Just like Chrome, it allows you to connect different devices to one browser. Any activity that you are doing on one device can be carried over to another. This includes all the browsing, history, bookmarks, favorites, etc. This makes the transition from one device to another simple and that’s exactly what people want.

No Slowdowns

Whenever you open more than a few tabs on the Google Chrome, it starts to slowdown, but that does not happen while you are using Firefox Quantum. You can open as many tabs as you want and you will still not suffer from any stuttering or slowdowns. All in all, Firefox Quantum is a remarkable package and it clearly has an edge over Google Chrome. If you are tired of the problems that are being caused by Chrome, then do give Quantum a shot.

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