Firefox Tracking Protection feature to boost browsing speed

Firefox’s Optional Tracking Protection Boosts Speed and Reduces Load Time

The increase in speed is due to blocking of all types of tracking websites and cookies.

The Tracking Protection feature decreases the page load time by up to 44% and reduces the data usage by up to 39%, which automatically improves the speed and performance of the web browser.

Inspired by Disconnect, the feature not only enhances the online privacy of Firefox users, but it also increases the speed of the web browser by blocking the tracking domains.

A research paper titled “Tracking Protection in Firefox for Privacy and Performance” is written to check the effectiveness of the optional Tracking Protection feature.

According to the research findings, enabling the feature reduces cookies in Alexa Top 200 news websites by up to 67%.

According to Monica Chew, the former employee of Mozilla and co-author of the research paper, Tracking Protection decreases load time by up to 20% on 50% of all the websites. Most of these 50% websites include news websites as users visiting news websites receive an extra amount of requests from tracking domains.

Apparently, this feature does not turn on by default, as the company is still getting suggestions and comments about its working and benefits, but it is very easy to activate this feature. Simply visit Mozilla’s support page and follow the instructions.


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