Five Cell Phone Trackers that Actually Work

Location tracking has become somewhat of a necessity for parents worried about the safety of their kids, employers looking to keep an eye on their employees working in the field, or people simply wanting to keep track of their stolen phone. Although there is a large collection of apps that offer to let you track smartphones in real-time, there are only a handful of them that actually deliver on this promise. Finding those few apps can prove to be quite challenging. However, worry not as we have got you covered. In this article we will share five location tracking apps with you that will definitely get the job done.


This is an incredibly popular monitoring app as it comes with a large number of powerful features. Location tracking is one of the features included in the app and it works exceptionally well. It makes use of GPS technology, as well as other technologies such as Wi-Fi to pinpoint the exact coordinates of the target phone’s location. You just need to get physical access to other person’s phone and install the app. Once it starts to work, you’ll be able to remote monitor the location of the other person from anywhere at any time you want.


mSpy gained popularity amongst the users incredibly fast because of the host of features it comes equipped with. The location tracking feature of this app works quite proficiently and has been proven quite helpful for the users. Once the app has been installed on the smartphone, you will be able to see the location of that particular phone all the time. This feature can prove to be a huge help in case of thefts.


As the name suggest, it is an app for the stealthy people. It comes with a lot of amazing features including location tracking. It enables you to track locations and just like the aforementioned apps, it actually works. If you are a parent looking to keep an eye on your kids’ location or an employer wanting to keep tabs on employees working in the field, then do give StealthMate a try. The app with its amazing features can prove to be a lot more helpful than you’d expect.


This app is specifically designed for location tracking and gives users all sorts of options. One of its features lets you hide your location, making it extremely difficult for someone to trace where you are.

Find My Phone

This app does exactly what the name says. If by any chance, you have forgotten your phone at some place, you can use someone else’s device to track it. This is a very useful app considering that we lose our mobile phones a lot and there’s always a threat of theft. However, with the help of Find my Phone, you will be able to rest easy in all situations knowing that you’ll be able to track your phone with ease.


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