Wi-Fi issue on Samsung Galaxy S7

How to Fix Wi-Fi Issues on Samsung Galaxy S7

A large number of users around the globe are encountering several Wi-Fi issues on Samsung Galaxy S7 since its launch. Sometimes, it just disconnects. Sometimes, Wi-Fi stays connected, but the internet doesn’t work, and sometimes Wi-Fi connection keeps on dropping on regular basis. All of these issues are quite annoying, but don’t fret because you can make Wi-Fi issue on Samsung Galaxy S7 go away with the help of our guide.

Before we Begin

Before starting the whole guide, see if Wi-Fi on other devices is working properly. Only follow this guide if the issue persists in the Samsung Galaxy S7 only. Now that you have ensured that the issue only exists in your device, let’s shift our focus on the solution.


There are a couple of ways to get rid of the Wi-Fi problem and we have outlined both of them below. Just follow the given steps, and your device’s internet would go back to being normal in no time.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on Wi-Fiand select the network that is not working properly on your Samsung Galaxy S7
  3. As soon as you tap on it, a pop-up menuwill show up
  4. Select Forgetfrom that menu.
    Note: After you have done the above mentioned steps, the Wi-Fi that was causing problem will be removed from your networks completely.
  5. Now you have to Turn offyour device completely, and then Turn it back on.
  6. Visit the Settingsonce again
  7. Select Wi-Fi
  8. Try reconnecting with the Networkthat was causing problem (you may have to put in the password again) and your problem will most likely be resolved.

If the aforementioned solution doesn’t do the trick for you, then you can try the following method.

Solution 2

The reason solution 1 didn’t work could be because of your modem. Now it’s time to reset it as well. To do that, just follow the given steps.

  1. Unplug your internet modem altogether by removing its adapter
  2. Wait for 1 Minute
  3. Plug adapter back in and leave it there for 5 minutes
  4. Now Turn on your Router back on
  5. Wait for a minute or so and the internet will start working on your Samsung Galaxy S7.

Both of these methods have been widely tested and resolved the Wi-Fi connectivity issue for a lot of people. If they don’t work for you and your Wi-Fi issue still persists, then it is better to take your device to service center because there might be something else causing the Wi-Fi connectivity issues.


Image Courtesy: gizmodo.com.au

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