Aluminium-ion batteries finally a reality

Flexible Aluminium Battery Can Charge Smartphones in 60 Seconds

Aside from the speedy recharging time, it is also cheaper and safer than its lithium-ion counterpart.

U.S scientists from Stanford claim that aluminium-ion battery is cheaper, safer, faster and reliable, while further hoping to see it replace lithium-ion battery that is currently used in millions of computers and smartphones.

This powerful yet flexible battery can charge smartphones in just 60 seconds.

That, however, is not all. According to U.S scientist Hongjie Dai, a chemistry professor and head of the research team, aluminium-ion batteries are much safer than lithium-ion batteries, which are prone to bursting into flames.

It is imperative to mention here that aluminium is eco-friendly, does not catch fire fast and is inexpensive with an extra storage capacity.

Enticed by its light weight and inexpensiveness, researchers have long tried to develop a battery using aluminium instead of lithium but to no avail, until now that is.

According to the laboratory tests, this aluminium battery completed the charge and discharge cycle up to 7,500 times without catching fire or losing its capacity. In contrast, a Lithium-ion battery just has a limit of 1,000 cycles.

The only problem with this battery is that delivers only half the voltage, a problem that can possibly take years to overcome.


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