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We are back with another Great Giveaway for our Loyal Blog readers and Visitors. This Giveway is mainly targeted towards the people who want to surf internet anonymously and we are happy to announce that our sponsor FBVPN is giving away 100 of their Personal-VPN accounts with 3 months subscription For Free to our blog readers. With this VPN account You can easily Bypass or open Blocked websites at your Office , College or even access certain blocked sites in your country.

What Is FBVPN ?

I don’t want to make this post too lengthy but would like to tell you a little about FBVPN and its benefits. FBVPN is one of the leading VPN service available and its VPN gateway is hosted in US and UK. They provide personal, business and enterprise level VPN solutions to its customers. FBVPN VPN service is supported in Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android and it provides PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and IPSec Protocols with Shared as well as dedicated IP types.

5 Reasons Why You Must Choose FBVPN ?

1) If you Live in or visiting a country that monitors your contents or are engaging in Internet censorship then , FBVPN will ensure that you are Fully anonymous and provide you Uncensored access to your internet without any blockage. This can be used by People From China Who are banned to use Facebook, Google , etc to access these sites anonymously.

2) If you don’t want any search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing store or record every search that you perform then FBVPN is the best solution you will find in order to be not recorded and stay anonymous.

3) Many of you who are non US users would like to use the latest service from Google, ie, Google Music which is only available in US now and by using VPN services like FBVPN you can easily access these even if you are Non US user. This is possible as FBVPN uses US and UK IPs to register us to the internet.

4) If your company , College or Workplace is using any Internet Filters Such as Blocking torrents downloads , Youtube , Mediafire , etc then VPN is the best solution you can use to access these services in these blocked networks in order to bypass these restrictions.

5) An Alternative for Proxy or even much better. FBVPN can be used by people who are not happy with proxy’s as many proxy’s do not support cookie functionality and accessing sites like Facebook and Gmail or other cookie supporting sites.

FBVPN’s 1 month’s Personal VPN account is worth $9.99 and we are giving 3 months Personal VPN account absolutely free for’s Readers and Visitors. So, what are you waiting for, get your FBVPN Free VPN Account now, Why not try your luck.

How To Participate In This Giveway Contest ?

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We have decided to end this Giveway by 31st August,2011. So Apply For this contest as soon as possible and Follow the Steps correctly as mentioned in this post . Hope you come under 1st 100 participants. :)

UPDATE : This Giveaway is closed . And if you are one of the 100 winners of this Giveaway then you would have already received an E-mail from us. Thanks For Participating. You can click on the Top Red Bar link in order to be updated with our latest Giveaway contests.