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Free Facebook Chat Messenger for Windows – Chit Chat for Facebook

You all might be aware of Facebook’s constant chat system failure or downtime. Due to this you will experience constant chat problems or connection error. There are many problem that cause this kind of failure. One of the major problems for this is flash based chat applications. In order to reduce this we can either use 3rd party chat Applications like that we use for Mobile Chat applications or desktop based Facebook Chat tool.

In our previous post we have shown you how to Install new Official Facebook Chat Messenger For Windows 7 . And this time we have found another similar facebook chat application which is more stable than the official facebook chat application. This app , so called Chit Chat for facebook is gaining popularity each day and is at present the most suitable tool for experiencing better facebook chatting.

Download Chit Chat For Facebook Application for Windows

Chit Chat for Facebook is a new innovative free Facebook software tool. Simply put, it’s a real time chat program for users who are logged into Facebook.  This Facebook application is free for all users and allows you to chat and keep up with your Facebook notifications without actually having to open a window browser.  Chit Chat also allows you to keep track of all your Facebook friends using your “buddy list” on the application, where you can see which friends are online and which are offline.

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Why Should You Use Chit Chat For Facebook Chat Messenger ?

  • Chit Chat for Facebook is very easy to install and can be done in only a few minutes.  This application acts as a desktop instant messenger and it will notify you when someone sends you an instant message, a Facebook message, comments on your wall, etc.
  • Users also become notified when their friends come online or go offline.  Some extra features that the application offers is the ability to post statuses from the buddy list and a feature which gives you the option of posting the current song track you are listening to while on Chit Chat for Facebook.  
  • As an instant messaging software application it’s fairly similar conceptually to MSN messenger in terms of usability and is quickly becoming a hit phenomenon.  

  • Chit Chat also allows you to personalize your Facebook messages by choosing your own colors and themes for each friend that you may be talking to.
  • This new application is much more advanced than Facebook’s browser based chat program because when you use the Facebook chat program, as soon you close that window you would automatically sign out of Facebook and would no longer be able to chat with your friends.

  • This new application allows you to chat with your friends even when you’re not signed into Facebook with your browser.  You can also Chit Chat so you are able to do other tasks and still get alerts when someone sends you a message, posts on your wall, or comments on a photo of yours.

  • In addition, the free Facebook chat toolalso allows you to chat to multiple friends by opening up multiple tabs all on the same page for cleanliness.  Another very unique aspect of this new chat application is that you can actually post on multiple friends wall or send a mass private message, instead of having to post on friends wall one by one.
Chit chat for facebook , facebook chat messenger Chat Friends list

What You Can’t Do with Chit Chat Messenger for facebook ?

  • One disadvantage of this new application is the fact that you can only talk to your Facebook friends, so if you wanted to chat with friends using Yahoo messenger or MSN messenger, you wouldn’t be able to do that using Chit Chat for Facebook.

Download Chitchat Messenger for Facebook

Overall, this application is a great way for those avid Facebook users to talk to your friends, message your friends, personalize your account, and keep up with your Facebook notifications.

There are many pros to this application and some cons which you should consider, but overall, Chit Chat for Facebook is very user-friendly, convenient, and offers you many unique tools to allow you to stay in touch with your friends!

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