Free PSN Games September 2016

Free PlayStation Plus Games for September 2016

When it comes to free monthly games, Sony doesn’t really have the edge. Microsoft offers way better titles and all four of them are playable on the Xbox One. Sony, on the other hand, offers two titles on each of its platforms but they aren’t worth much. This time around, however, Sony has taken a huge leap forward and has announced in-demand games. We have listed all of these games below with a little introduction to help you get started.

Lords of the Fallen (PS4)

Leading the PS Plus line-up this month is Lords of the Fallen. It is sometimes described as poor man’s Dark Soul but that title doesn’t do it justice. Developers have put their heart and soul into the game and it clearly shows. The enemies are less, but are stronger and you have to think before you decide to take them on. All of them have strengths and weaknesses and if you just go for the attack without studying the patterns, then you will be in a lot of trouble. So, if you like Dark Souls-esque games, then you should definitely give Lords of the Fallen a shot.

Journey (PS4, PS3)

Journey is a pretty short adventure as it lasts about 2 to 3 hours. So, the less I say about this game, the better. You should not think of Journey as a game instead think of it as an experience. On your first go, play it alone without seeking any kind of help, and then come back for the second go and this time, play cooperatively with a stranger. I emphasize stranger because if you’re talking to the person you’re playing with, then it might not be as much fun. So do play with a stranger without a mic and by the time game comes to an end, I’m pretty sure you will be adding each other to your friends list. Why will that happen you ask? Well, you have to find that out for yourself.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sand (PS3)

Ubisoft has completely got rid of this infamous series, but if you didn’t get a chance to play the last entry in the series, then now is your chance. If you own a PS3, then you owe it to yourself to give this one a shot. It is one of the good ones and should be played by the fans of puzzle and action adventure games. A lot of action and thinking is involved and you will always find yourself on the edge of your seat while playing Price of Persia: The Forgotten Sand.

Datura (PS3)

To scratch your exploration itch, Datura is a perfect medicine. You wake up in a hospital with no one around, and now you have to figure out what happened and in doing so, you will encounter some interesting things.

Amnesia: Memories (PS Vita)

If you’re into horror, then you won’t get a better game to play for free than Amnesia: Memories. This game is scary as hell, so if you really are down for some heart-pounding moments, do give this one a shot.

Badland: Game of the Year Edition (PS Vita, PS4, PS3)

There’s no shortage of platformer games out there, but this one comes with a gripping story and excellent gameplay. That’s the reason it received Game of the Year awards from multiple outlets. Just like Journey, this one is also an experience that cannot be explained through words. It’s available on all platforms and takes about 300MB of your hard disk storage. So, when you have some free time on your hands, then do give it a try, it is easily one of the best platformers to see the light of day.

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