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This is How You Can Free Up Space on Your iPhone

When you’re using an iPhone, facing storage shortage becomes a harsh, inevitable reality. Every other iPhone user has to share the sob story of having issues with their storage space. Blame it on the unused apps, storage of unnecessary photos and videos, or songs you won’t even listen to. Most of you would run out of space during key moments especially when you’re in the dire need of taking a selfie or a group picture from an event. Unfortunately, iPhone does not offer any upgrade in its internal storage.

But, you don’t need to worry as we’ve brought some easy tips for you to free up some space on your iPhone. Without getting rid of your memories, you can free up space on your iPhone. Let’s check out some of the helpful tips:

Delete Apps That Are Taking More Space

The first step towards freeing up some space on your iPhone would be to assess the apps that are taking most of the space on the device. You can check this simply by going to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage. Here you can actually see which particular app is hogging your storage space. Since some apps are quite heavy so the list might take some time to appear. Most probably your Photos, Music and Messages app would be taking up the most space. If you feel there is any other irrelevant app apart from them then you can uninstall them.

Use Google Photo App for Storing Photos

No doubt iCloud is a great medium for storing data but it only provides 5GB of storage which gets used up pretty quickly. If you’re not keen on spending more money to upgrade your iCloud storage then opting for Google Photo app will be a better plan. You can store your images on this app to keep them in one place without letting them take up all of your iPhone’s space.

Delete Old iMessages

We know how tempting it would be for you to retain all the old conversation threads you’ve had with your friends. However, you may not realize that your Messages app is taking up a lot of space on your iPhone. Deleting some of the old conversations won’t harm you much if you want some free space on your iPhone.

Turn Off Live Photos Feature

Who doesn’t like taking live photos from their iPhone camera? Well, all iPhone users would surely love this feature because it makes their photos look like mini-GIFs. However, users don’t realize that live photos can also eat away most of the storage space from your iPhone. Therefore, it will be better to turn off this feature. Go to Settings > Photos & Camera > Preserve Settings > Live Photos and then turn it off.

Turn Off My Photo Stream

If you have turned on My Photo Stream feature on your iPhone, then you might be facing serious storage issues. When this feature is turned on, your first 1000 pictures get automatically stored on iCloud along with getting them saved in its own folder. To maximize space, you should turn it off. Surely, you can always turn it back on later.

Delete and Re-install Social Media Apps

Some of the social media apps installed on your iPhone might be the real culprits in taking up most of the space. The ideal solution is to delete those apps from your device and then get them reinstalled again. By doing this, you would be able to get rid of what’s stored on your iPhone. Hence, more space available.

Get Rid of Old iBooks and Podcasts

Keeping old iBooks and podcasts on your iPhone can be imprudent. It’s better to delete them as they only take up unnecessary space on your device. You may download them again if the need arises.

Clear Cache and Cookies

Clearing up cache and cookies from your Safari browser on a frequent basis makes a lot of free space on your device. Visit Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data to clear cache and cookies from your iPhone.

Of course, there are also few more tips that can help you get more storage space on your iPhone. By deleting old pictures, videos, messages, or using a video streaming service instead of downloading separate movies or videos separately on your device, you can free up a lot of space and make room for other important apps.

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